The company

EMA offers a wide range of great quality products and a series of complementary services, which is why EMA disposes of a wide departmental infrastructure. EMA’s Group is composed by different companies adapted to every need of his customers.




EMA has an infrastructure able to compete the most demanding aesthetics professionals. Note that we can also offer you our School of theoretical and practical Training and of course more than 20 years of experience on the field. Visit us in our installations in the city centre of Barcelona, Spain or in our headquarters in Sant Joan Despí (Barcelona). We will welcome you with great pleasure. We could also contact us through our Customer Service (operative from 9 am to 14 pm and from 15 pm to 18 pm) +34 934 77 42 63.




The secret of the beauty professional is to be highly qualified, and that is why training you would assure you a competitive advantage. For this reason we also put at your disposal a forum where you will be able to realize consultations and formulate your doubts to which we will answer by the major rapidity and possible efficiency. Surprise your customers with the whole control of these technologies and sign to our courses.


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Commercial network

EMA is present on the whole domestic and international market. We have a distribution network that covers the north, south, centre, east and west of the peninsula, as well as the Balearics and Canaries.



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