La empresa

EMA bets on technological innovation improving permanently its devices of a hight range and the line of  services.

High Quality Products and Services

The aesthetic sector is one of the managerial sectors in which technological evolution is becoming more advanced due to the launch of more sophisticated equipments on the market.

EMA bets on technological innovation! It carried out permanent improvement to our high range equipments. We offer you professional equipments, easy to use and able of performing several treatments. Effectiveness will be since at after the first session.

The labour accumulated in 20 years of experience, grants EMA being a leader of opinion in the world of the beauty due to a constant and guaranteed work. All this achievement granted EMA creating CEYA, the first Activator of Youth; allowing them to be an out-standing generating referee, and a trend leader.

Company organisation

EMA offers a wide range of great quality products and a series of complementary services, which is why EMA disposes of a wide departmental infrastructure.

EMA’s Group is composed by different companies adapted to every need of his customers.

These departments are: national and international commercial Department, I+D Department, after sales service Department, Customer Service Department, Marketing and Communication Department.



Lose 1 Kg per session

Speciality equipment