Hand up

We want to be perfect always: we buy dresses to go out, shoes, accessories, perfumes…We went to the hairdresser to shine with spectacular party hairstyles and makeup of Hollywood actress but many people forget about other parts of our body, areas that have to be maintained also.

Our hands suffer daily. Weather conditions, work or lack of hydration provoke often that our hands do not have the same aspect that the rest of our appearance.

The care of our hands go from treatments with creams to specific aesthetic treatments. With the EMA devices HANDS 5000 you have the solution to make your hands shine as before. EMA devices work with the radiofrequency that stimulates the elastin and collagen of our hands to give them the smoothness and a perfect look. The treatment with our machines is pleasant, relaxing and painless.

Having a well-groomed hands make us more attractive and even make better our aspect either on work or professional level. Do not let losing the opportunity to give the best image desired.

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Lose 1 Kg per session

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