Reduction and fortification treatment

Reduction and fortification treatment through the galvanic current and electro-stimulation

In only 4 steps reduce fat and tone the flaccid muscles of abdomen and legs, during the same treatment.

The devices IMPGA 3000 combine the electro-stimulation with galvanic current, allowing to obtain better results in one session, and also the effects of galvanic current to enter lipolytic and reaffirming cosmetics, and currents of electro-stimulation to tone the flaccid muscles.

Step 1 Cleaning

First you have to clean and prepare the skin. You can do a peeling before the treatment.

Step 2 Galvanic


Apply the cosmetic product in the espontex. It could be a reaffirming or lipolytic cosmetic, depending on the goal of the treatment.

Take into account the polarity of the cosmetic.




We will place the plates (positive and negative) in the motor points of muscles of the abdomen and legs that we want to tone.




The power of electro-stimulation depends on the contractile strength of the muscle ant the intensity of the galvanic current depends on the sensitivity of the patient. Approximately 4 mA.

Time: 20 min

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Lose 1 Kg per session

Speciality equipment